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Latavia Gets Moved In While Social Distancing

Latavia and her four children had been living in their van for almost two years. Occasionally, the family could afford to stay in a hotel for a night or two. If it was especially cold, sometimes Latavia’s co-workers would let the children stay with them overnight.

With support from ECHO and their Housing Case Manager, Heidi, this family of five just moved in to their own, safe, permanent home.

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges among us however the ECHO team adapts and overcomes to continue the amazing work they do. The ECHO team worked carefully to maintain social distancing while delivering their donated beds, furniture, household supplies, and food…and the whole family is excited about getting to decorate their new home.

Happy Move-in Day, Latavia and family!

Lativia and family on move in day.
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