About Us


Our vision is to create opportunities for people in our community experiencing a housing crisis to find a place they can call home.

Mission Statement

ECHO’s mission is to break the cycles of homelessness experienced by individuals and families in our community.

Core Values

  • Commitment – To provide a positive impact for our community
  • Respect – Treating all people equally with the dignity and respect they deserve
  • Advocacy – Promoting awareness, education and understanding of the issues surrounding homelessness
  • Service – Providing innovative person centered approaches
  • Professionalism – Strengthening our team through personal and professional development

Our Team

Leadership Team

Joey Smoak

Chief Executive Officer

Briley Altman

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Ann Gowdy

Chief Programs + Innovation Officer

Veterans Team

Eric Owens

Director of Veteran Services

Ricky Prather

Intake & Outreach Coordinator

Mathew Whitener

SSVF Outreach

Anton Uzzle

SSVF Outreach

Nicole Howsare

SSVF Program Coordinator

Betty Rutherford

Housing Case Manager

Alissa Rodriguez

Housing Case Manager

Amanda White

Housing Case Manager

Alison McKay

Housing Case Manager

Kim Pike

GPD Program Coordinator

Scott Festejo

Bridge Housing Coordinator

Timothy Toy

Bridge Housing Case Manager

Travis Grier

Bridge Housing Case Manager

Frank Williams

Bridge Housing Property Services

Ernest Livingston

Bridge Housing Property Services

Kelly Poe

Bridge Housing Food Services

Gary Ramsey

Veteran's Claims Assistant

HUD Team

Kiarra Stephenson

HUD Team Leader

Tom Caterina

RRH Program Coordinator

Richard Bailey

PSH Property Specialist

Alison Moen

Housing Case Manager

Heidi Mowder

Housing Case Manager

Jerell Wesley

Housing Case Manager

Nikki Barnhill

Housing Case Manager

Melissa Hart

Rapid Resolution & Benefits Specialist

Community Data Solutions Team

Julie Meaney

Director of Community Data Solutions

Clint Johnson

Information Systems Administrator

Sarah Chapman

CES Coordinator

Nancy Phillips

HMIS & CES Support Specialist

Laurie Ensworth

Intake & Benefits Team Leader

May Orr

Intake & Benefits Assistant

Sabrina Woodard

Intake & Benefits Assistant

Saphire McDonald

Housing Assistance Processor

Melissa Ball

Housing Assistance Processor

Jennifer Livingston

Housing Assistance Processor

SeaChange Wellness

Kimberly Alford

Director of HUD Services

Taylor Sweat

Wellness & Recovery Specialist

Maggi Agle

Wellness & Recovery Specialist

Merissa Walden

Residential Recovery Program Coordinator

Hannah Nixon

Assistant Residential Recovery Program Coordinator

Volunteers and Interns

Wendy Martin


Joyce Foster


Finance Team

Pat Ranalli

Grant Administrator

Patricia Powell

Grant Administrator Assistant

Danielle Soles

Assistant Grant Specialist

Administrative Team

Tammy Floyd

Compliance Support Specialist

Maintenance Team

William Huddle

Housing Inspector

Board of Directors

Wayne Gray
Andy Graham
Vice President
Deidra Byrd
Molly Keen
Matt Wiseman
Adam Emrick
Kevin Grant
Terri Nardslico



Housing and Urban Development


Horry County


Veteran Affairs

Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments

Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments


OneSC Fund

Wells Fargo

Walls Fargo


Office of Economic Opportunity

Newmans Own Foundation

Newman's Own Foundation

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