Who is ECHO?

About Us

Our Mission

is to break the cycles of homelessness experienced by individuals and families in our community.

Our Vision

is for every person experiencing a housing crisis to find a place to call home.

Core Values


To provide a positive impact for our community


Treating all people equally with the dignity and respect they deserve


Promoting awareness, education and understanding of the issues surrounding homelessness


Providing innovative person-centered approaches


Strengthening our team through personal and professional development

Our Team

Executive Leadership

Team Members

About ali mckkay 1

Alison M.

Housing Case Manager

Alix Fahlman

Alix F.

Housing Case Manager

Alysia Kelley

Alysia K.

Housing Case Manager

About amanda

Amanda T.

Compliance Support Specialist

Amber Brown

Amber B.

Housing Case Manager

Bernardino Terrones

Bernardino T.

Bridge Housing Case Manager

Bubbles Reign

Bubbles R.

Housing Case Manager

About carey girouard

Carey G.

Community Outreach

Charles Jones

Charles J.

Bridge Housing Property Services

Clint Johnson

Clint J.

Information Systems Administrator

About danielle soles 1

Danielle S.

Assistant Grant Specialist

David Jones

David J.

Veteran Outreach

Donna H Headshot

Donna H.

Landlord Community Specialist

Elacia Ward

Elacia W.

Housing Case Manager

About ernest livingston

Ernest L.

Bridge Housing Property Services

About frank williams

Frank W.

Bridge Housing Property Services

About gary ssvf

Gary R.

Veteran's Claims Assistant

About george

George T.

Bridge Housing Property Services

About Hannah Nixon 2021

Hannah N.

Residential Recovery Program Coordinator

Heather Mcguinness

Heather M.

Housing Case Manager

About heidi mowder

Heidi M.

Housing Case Manager

IDivine Allah

IDivine A.

SSVF Program Coordinator

About jennifer livingston

Jennifer L.

Housing Assistance Coordinator

About jessica matos

Jessica M.

Intake and Benefits Specialist

Jose C

Jose C.

Healthcare Navigator


Joshua U.

Bridge Housing Food Services

About joyce foster 2 2

Joyce F.


Kelly Frech

Kelly F.

Administrative & Data Support Specialist

About kim pike

Kim P.

Bridge Housing Program Manager

Kimberly Alford, LMSW

Kimberly A, LMSW

Supportive Services

Lara Jones

Lara J.

Housing Case Manager

About Laurie

Laurie E.

Intake & Benefits Assistant

About lisa davis

Lisa D.

Bridge Housing Food Services

Merissa Walden

Merissa W.

Housing Case Manager

Michelle Oleary

Michelle O.

Housing Case Manager

About ID Photo Mike Warren e1656347685588

Mike W.

Community Outreach

About Nicole Howsare

Nicole H.

Director of Programs

About Nikki Jensen 2021

Nikki J.

Housing Case Manager

Passion Green

Passion G.

Housing Case Manager

About pat ranalli

Pat R.

Grant Administrator

About Patricia Powell

Patricia P.

Grant Administrator Assistant

Paul Stevens

Paul S.

Maintenance Technician

Rebecca Hall

Rebecca H.

Housing Case Manager

Rebecca Reid

Rebecca R.

Housing Team Lead

About richard bailey 1

Richard B.

HUD Program Coordinator

Ricky Prather

Ricky P.

Intake & Outreach Coordinator

About robin snook

Robin S.

Intake & Benefits Specialist

About ruben lopez

Ruben L.

Veteran Outreach

Samantha Kinn

Samantha K.

Housing Case Manager

About sammi ruesch 1

Sammi R.

Compliance Support Specialist

About SarahWebsitePhoto e1656010031927

Sarah C.

CES Access Point Manager

Sean Stratton

Sean S.

GPD Case Manager

About shanata faulk

Shanata L.

Housing Case Manager

Shane Cacho

Shane C.

Bridge Housing Property Services

Stuart Ford

Stuart F.

Bridge Housing Facility Chef

About terrence tucker

Terence T.

Bridge Housing Property Services

Westley Sikich

Westley S.

Veteran Outreach

Board of Directors

Terri Nardslico


Molly Keen

Vice Chair

Rainbow Russell


Matt Wiseman


Kevin Grant


Wayne Gray


Taylor Sweat


Community Partners

Financial Records

ECHO values financial transparency and demonstrates this by publishing our Form 990 and independent audit findings. Accountability to our community shows how your support is used to further our mission with reassurance that ECHO’s financial reporting is accurate and our resources are being used appropriately.