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Volunteer Spotlight: Wendy Martin

Wendy is a shining star at ECHO and an inspiring example of community service, especially during these challenging times.

Wendy joined the ECHO family as a volunteer last summer, supporting a telephone-based outreach project. Wendy is now a full-time volunteer and is ever busy managing ECHO’s My Home Donation Center (that she created), and connecting with community members to gather and deliver much-needed donations including household items, furniture, and food.

Today, Wendy picked up 28 food boxes for people who have recently experienced homelessness.

Last week, Wendy helped move a family of five that had been living in their car into a home of their own. She was careful to practice social distancing when she delivered the donated food, beds, furniture, and kitchen supplies to the grateful mother and her four young children.

“It’s so important for people to move in to a place that feels like a home,” says Wendy.

When asked what she finds most meaningful about her work at ECHO, Wendy said, “I’m grateful that I get to help make some people’s lives a little bit easier. It’s wonderful to feel so connected to my community, and I’m constantly amazed by the gratitude and warmth from the people we help – even when they’re experiencing a crisis.”

Thank you, Wendy, for your commitment and dedication to making a difference in the lives of our community members experiencing homelessness.

We appreciate YOU and all of ECHO’s great volunteers!

Learn how you can help families in our community with the donation of goods and services by visiting the My Home Donation Center page.

Volunteer Spotlight: Wendy Martin welcome to my home
Wendy Martin delivering donations
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