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Army Veteran Gets Emergency Housing

“It was so unreal that people would actually care this much to help me…I just can’t believe it.” – John, Army Veteran

John experienced homelessness off and on for the last few years, and was beginning to wonder if anyone cared about him at all. Sometimes, the 68-year-old Veteran slept in his car, other times he slept in places he described as “deplorable.”

When John found out about the programs ECHO provides to Veterans experiencing homelessness, he reached out for help.

ECHO Veteran Outreach picked John up the next day, got him a hot coffee and coordinated a short-term emergency shelter stay. Once he was safe, Outreach secured a bed for him at John’s Place (ECHO’s Bridge Housing Program for Veterans). He stayed at John’s Place for 90 days while he worked to take care of himself and manage his finances, including getting caught up on his car insurance.

With support from his ECHO Housing Case Manager, John gratefully just moved into his own, permanent apartment. Now John feels stable, and is so grateful for all the people at ECHO who cared enough to help him move out of homelessness back into a home of his own.

Happy Move-in Day, John!

Army Veteran in his new VA Housing
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