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Welcome Home Anna

Welcome home, Anna!

Meet Anna, a hardworking young mom of two. She got the support she needed to provide stability for both herself and her kids. Welcome home, Anna! #NewOpportunities

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It was mind-boggling trying to figure everything out when we first became homeless... - Gloria & Shelby

Welcome home, Gloria and Shelby!

Meet Gloria! She’s the primary caretaker for her elderly mother, Shelby, and they are so thankful to be in their new home. Welcome home, Gloria and Shelby! #NewOpportunities

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Life was great before I became homeless. I'm so happy to have a stable home again!

Welcome home, Shinec!

Shinec faced the same struggles as many of us during the COVID pandemic, including losing her job. But after a long search, she was finally able to move into a

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Out in the woods, we didn't realize just how tired we were... Having a home now feels so good!

Frankie & Heather

This mother and daughter can finally relax now that they have a safe space to call their own. Welcome home, Frankie and Heather! #HousingFirst #Nonprofit #YourStory

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Community Bulletin Board Summer Cafe Meals 2022 HP web banner

2022 Summer Break Café

Horry County Schools will be offering FREE Summer Meals to children 18 & younger. Families should visit the closest location from the sites listed below. Meals will be served during

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