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Army Veteran Asks for Help

“I had to put my pride aside and ask for help. I learned that even though my situation wasn’t the best and it was taking a turn for the worst, it got better after I reached out and just asked for help. My whole experience with ECHO was great and my case manager had a rapid response and got the ball rolling for me. It felt like you all were rooting for me.”
– Kenneth, Army Veteran

Kenneth got behind in his rent and utility payments after losing his warehouse job. He was facing eviction and his heat had been turned off. He felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to get out of the rut he was in. One day at the unemployment office, he learned about ECHO’s programs for Veterans at risk of becoming homeless.

He reached out to ECHO for help, and was immediately connected to his Housing Case Manager, Alissa. With Alissa’s support, Kenneth began to feel motivated and determined to get back on track. Within a couple of weeks, he got a new job that will allow him to pay his bills. He also learned new budgeting skills that will help maintain his housing: “While in the program and working my new job, I was able to use the 50/30/20 budget rule. 50% of my income to things that are important like my bills, 20% to my savings and debt, and 30% to anything else I might need or want, like internet.”

Last month, Kenneth enrolled in school to become a massage therapist, and is looking forward to starting classes. In the meantime, he has begun custom designing shoes as a hobby and side business that he hopes to expand.

In five years, Kenneth’s goal is to purchase a home for himself and his two dogs, Bindii and Cream.

Way to go, Kenneth…we ARE rooting for you!

Army Veteran Asks for Help kenneth army veteran
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