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ACE Awareness & Training Opportunities

In partnership with Children’s Trust of South Carolina, ECHO’s Director of Programs + Innovation, Dr. Ann Gowdy, helps to empower our community to prevent childhood adversity through training.

“The South Carolina Adverse Childhood Experiences Initiative helps children and families overcome the effects of traumatic experiences, prevent poor health outcomes and promote well-being later in life. Children’s Trust is training to increase awareness of ACEs and their impact, collecting and disseminating data, building a prevention planning framework, and promoting sound legislative policy to address ACEs in our communities.”

ACE Interface Master Trainers are available to help you and your community understand the importance of preventing ACEs. Learn more here:

ECHO appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with Lauren Szymonik and the Children’s Trust to help promote ACE awareness.

ACE Awareness & Training Opportunities dr ann gowdy and childrens trust
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