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Calling All Artists!

We have an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our community through the power of art! Our non-profit organization is dedicated to breaking the cycles of homelessness and creating brighter futures for individuals and families in our community.

We Need Your Help…

We invite you to join hands with us in our mission by donating a piece of your unique artwork for the silent auction at our upcoming Art from the Heart fundraising event.

By donating your art, you’re contributing to the transformation of lives and the opportunity for safe, stable homes for those in need. Your generosity will be showcased and celebrated throughout the event, demonstrating the incredible impact artists can make when they unite for a common goal.

How Your Art Will Make a Difference:

  • Showcase Your Talent: Your artwork will be prominently displayed on our website and at the event, giving you exposure to a wide audience of art enthusiasts and potential buyers.

  • Contributing to Change: The proceeds from the auction will directly fund our efforts to break the cycles of homelessness for individuals and families in our community.

  • Gratitude and Recognition: We’ll acknowledge your generous donation with our gratitude and recognition at the event, on our website, and through our social media channels.


Let us know you’d like to donate a piece of your art. A member of our team will contact you!

Art Gallery

All items seen below will be available for silent auction during Art for the Heart.

Millhouse Reflection by Susan Selvey
Millhouse Reflection
by: Susan Selvey
In the Forest by Siobhan Bixel
In the Forest
by: Siobhan Bixel
All Tuckered Out by Sherri Bardsley
All Tuckered Out
by: Sherri Bardsley
Solace for the Soul (Church) by Kurt Jarvis
Solace for the Soul (Church)
by: Kurt Jarvis
Calling All Artists! Pineapple by Donna Wilson
Sweet Pineapple
by: Donna Wilson
Black Beauty by Jarrod Clark
Black Beauty
by: Jarrod Clark
Canadian Geese by Kurt Jarvis
Canadian Geese
by: Kurt Jarvis
Lady in Red by Bob Doughty
Lady in Red
by: Bob Doughty
Hawaiian Island Sailing by Marcella Casper
Hawaiian Island Sailing
by: Marcella Casper
Jellyfish by Asher Robinson
by: Asher Robinson
Downtown Myrtle Beach by Kurt Jarvis
Downtown Myrtle Beach
by: Kurt Jarvis
Easy Breezy by Bob Rodriguez
Easy Breezy
by: Bob Rodriguez
Blue Hydrangeas by John A Millet Sr.
Blue Hydrangeas
by: John A Millet Sr.
Family by Kurt Jarvis
by: Kurt Jarvis
Family Fun 2 by Helen Wade
Family Fun (2)
by: Helen Wade
Tree of Hope by Debra Truman
Tree of Hope
by: Debra Truman
Thru the Veil
Thru the Veil
by: Wendy Pollard
Purple by Bob Doughty
by: Bob Doughty
Hagley Sunset by Diana Kayla Hochberg
Hagley Sunset
by: Diana Kayla Hochberg
Hooked Marlin by Debra Truman
Hooked Marlin
by: Debra Truman
Marsh Sunset
Marsh Sunset
by: Donna Wilson
Saturday Morning Fun by Linda D'Elia
Saturday Morning Fun
by: Linda D’Elia
Natalia by Melinda Morris
by: Melinda Morris
A Bit of Waves by Sherry Yates
A Bit of Waves
by: Sherry Yates
Abstract by Sandy Hampel
Chromatic Overture
by: Sandy Hampel
Heart by Larry Fine
by: Larry Fine
Posies by John A Millet Sr.
by: John A Millet Sr.
Ocean Paint Pour by Mary Goodman
by: Mary Goodman
Tequila Sunset
Tequila Sunrise
by: Barbara Chemello
Colorful blue abstract by Kathleen Klieberstein
Colorful Blue Abstract
by: Kathleen Kliebenstein
The Mediterranean by Kelli Philo
The Mediterranean
by: Kelli Philo
The Hunter by John A. Millet Sr.
The Hunter
by: John A. Millet Sr.
Orchids in Blue Pot
Orchids in Blue Pot
by: Donna Wilson
Sea Turtle by Kurt Jarvis
Sea Turtle
by: Kurt Jarvis
Turtle by Mary Goodman
by: Mary Goodman
Holiday Prep by Bob Rodriguez
Holiday Prep
by: Bob Rodriguez
Goddess of the Cat by Gracie Joyce
Goddess of the Cat
by: Gracie Joyce
Two Still Lives (1) by Betsy Medillo
Two Still Lives (1 of 2)
by: Betsy Medillo
OOPS, I did it again by Lynn Poppe
OOPS, I did it again
by: Lynn Poppe
Ocean Within by Gage Warnick
Ocean Within
by: Gage Warnick
Colorful heart abstract by Kathleen Kliebenstein
Colorful Heart Abstract
by: Kathleen Kliebenstein
Gold Botticelli by Tayler Little
Gold Botticelli
by: Tayler Little
Blue by the Ocean by Melinda Grafton
Blue by the Ocean
by: Melinda Grafton
The Rails by Kelli Philo
The Rails
by: Kelli Philo
Christ by John A Millet Sr.
by: John A Millet Sr.
Cowgirl by Bob Doughty
by: Bob Doughty
Purple-Yellow Fish by Kurt Jarvis
Purple-Yellow Fish
by: Kurt Jarvis
The Proposal by Bob Rodriguez
The Proposal
by: Bob Rodriguez
Beach Weekend by Therese Bisceglia
Beach Weekend
by: Therese Bisceglia
Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach
by: Donna Wilson
Hydrangea by Nancy Richardson
by: Nancy Richardson
Heart Art by Kurt Jarvis
Heart Art
by: Kurt Jarvis
Marsh View by Lynn Dorman Krippel
Marsh View
by: Lynn Dorman Krippel
Red Roses with Blue Pitcher by Lana Pike
Red Roses with Blue Pitcher
by: Lana Pike
Wing and a Prayer by Bettye Brookfield
Wing and a Prayer
by: Bettye Brookfield
Calling All Artists! Colorful orange abstract by Kathleen Klieberstein 1
Colorful Orange Abstract
by: Kathleen Kliebenstein
Crashing Waves by Bebe Kopf
Crashing Waves
by: Bebe Kopf
Art Palette by John A Millet Sr.
Art Palette
by: John A Millet Sr.
2 Sunflowers by Donna Wilson
Sunflowers in Green and Yellow
by: Donna Wilson
In Charge by Lana Pike
In Charge
by: Lana Pike
New Life by Terri Pierce
New Life
by: Terri Pierce
Eselen by Bob Doughty
by: Bob Doughty
Parfum Deux by Robin Wilson Snook
Parfum Deux
by: Robin Wilson Snook
Paint Pour by Mary Goodman
Paint Pour
by: Mary Goodman
Lighthouse by Kurt Jarvis
by: Kurt Jarvis
Key West by Elizabeth Hargrove
Key West
by: Elizabeth Hargrove
Crushed Glass Triptych by Mary Goodman
Crushed Glass Triptych
by: Mary Goodman
Summer Frolic by William H Miller
Summer Frolic
by: William H. Miller
Yosemite in Winter by Bob Doughty
Yosemite in Winter
by: Bob Doughty
Spring Time by Kurt Jarvis
Spring Time
by: Kurt Jarvis
Pink Rose by Tayler Little
Pink Rose
by: Tayler Little
Cut Sunflowers
Cut Sunflowers
by: Donna Wilson
Two of a Kind by Jarrod Clark
Two of a Kind
by: Jarrod Clark
Costa by Thomas Davis
by: Thomas Davis
Pink Paradise by Nancy Donahue
Pink Paradise
by: Nancy Donahue
Nurturing Life by Terri Pierce
Nurturing Life
by: Terri Pierce
All are Precious in His Sight by Kurt Jarvis 2
All are Precious in His Sight
by: Kurt Jarvis
Manipulated by Hillary Conroy
by: Hilary Conroy
Canary by Lynn Poppe
by: Lynn Poppe
Octopus by Kurt Jarvis
by: Kurt Jarvis
Sisters by Amy Kuenzie
by: Amy Kuenzie
Ocean Breeze by Angela Myers
Ocean Breeze
by: Angela Myers
Nativity by Kurt Jarvis
by: Kurt Jarvis
Frog on a lily pad by Kurt Jarvis
Frog on a Lily Pad
by: Kurt Jarvis
Phantom of the Opera by Kurt Jarvis
Phantom of the Opera
by: Kurt Jarvis
Wooden Bowl by Souder Studios
Wooden Bowl
by: Souder Studios
Thoroughfare by Deborah Kepley
by: Deborah Kepley
Myrtle Beach City Downtown Transition by S Lance Fleming
Myrtle Beach City Downtown Transition
by: S Lance Fleming
Flamingo by Asher Robinson
by: Asher Robinson
Colorful Macreme by Renee Barrett
Colorful Macreme
by: Renee Barrett
Patriotic Waves by Kathleen Lerchenmueller
Patriotic Waves
by: Kathleen Lerchenmueller
Drifting by Amy Lepping
by: Amy Lepping
Trillium by Becky Sharpe
by: Becky Sharpe
Parfum Un by Robin Wilson Snook
Parfum Un
by: Robin Wilson Snook
Two Still Lives (2) by Betsy Medillo
Two Still Lives (2 of 2)
by: Betsy Medillo
Angel in Pink by Lynn Dorman Krippel
Angel in Pink
by: Lynn Dorman Krippel
Starfish by Kathleen Lerchenmueller
by: Kathleen Lerchenmueller
The Gospel Singer by Bob Doughty
The Gospel Singer
by: Bob Doughty
Mushroom Family by Kurt Jarvis
Mushroom Family
by: Kurt Jarvis
Painted Tiles x3 by Lynn Poppe
Painted Tiles x3
by: Lynn Poppe
Celebrating Life by Terri Pierce
Celebrating Life
by: Terri Pierce
Peaceful by Melinda Morris
by: Melinda Morris
Glow in the Dark Flower Kitty by Teresa Mobley
Glow in the Dark Flower Kitty
by: Teresa Mobley
Orange Fish by Kurt Jarvis
Orange Fish
by: Kurt Jarvis
Colorful flowers
Colorful Flowers Abstract
by: Kathleen Kliebenstein
Blue Berry by Douglas Earls
Blue Berry
by: Douglas Earls
Leaves Abstract
Leaves Abstract
by: Kathleen Kliebenstein
View from Room 579 by Gordon Backman
View from Room 579
by: Gordon Backman
Dolphin Love by Kathleen Lerchenmueller
Dolphin Love
by: Kathleen Lerchenmueller
Trois Nenuphars by Gordon Backman
Trois Nenuphars
by: Gordon Backman
Myrtle Margarita by Melanie Ciavattone
Myrtle Margarita
by: Melanie Ciavattone
True Thoughts of a Woman Not To Be Forgotten by Roberta Callaghan
True Thoughts of a Woman Not To Be Forgotten
by: Roberta Callaghan
The Feast by Jackie Stacharowski Donated by Kurt Jarvis
The Feast
by: Jackie Stacharowski
Night Sea by Linda D'Elia
Night Sea
by: Linda D’Elia
Find me in the Waves by Hayleigh Wise
Find me in the Waves
by: Hayleigh Wise
Angel Goddess by Gracie Joyce
Angel Goddess
by: Gracie Joyce
Stoneware Small Pitcher by Celeste Perkins
Stoneware Small Pitcher
by: Celeste Perkins
Protector of the Hunted by Gracie Joyce
Protector of the Hunted
by: Gracie Joyce
Beach Bloom by Laura Liberatore Szweda
Il Stagno
by: Laura Liberatore Szweda
Sailboat by Kurt Jarvis
by: Kurt Jarvis
No more gallery items at this time
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