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Robbie is an Army Veteran and a Jack of All Trades

Robbie, Army Veteran, describes himself as a “jack of all trades…and a master of electrical, plumbing, and appliances.” As a young man, he’d initially attended college for pre-med, but ultimately decided to pursue the trades. Robbie believes his father had hoped that he’d follow in his footsteps and gone into the radio business, taking over his radio station in Bennettsville, SC.

While a career in radio wasn’t Robbie’s passion, he credits his early experiences recording local radio advertisements with helping him overcome his shyness. “I was really shy, and I was afraid to record my voice. My dad encouraged me and after a while I got used to it, so I started singing in the church choir. Eventually, I built up enough confidence to sing solos in front of the entire congregation.”Now that Robbie has a safe, stable home of his own, he hopes to live as long as he can so he can keep fishing, which has been his favorite pastime since he was a small boy.

Happy Move-in Day, Robbie!

Robbie is an Army Veteran and a Jack of All Trades robbie army veteran
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