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Future Social Worker Bubbles

Bubbles was raised in and out of foster care and was homeless for the majority of her life, including on the streets of Myrtle Beach for the last few years.

Now she has a place of her own to call home.

Bubbles describes herself as “really outgoing and a very hard worker.” She has worked at the same restaurant for 5 years.

She is committed to being an eco-warrior, which means that she considers it her duty as a human to do her best to stop activities that damage the environment. Bubbles goes out of her way to pick up and properly throw away litter anytime she sees it, because “if we don’t take care of our planet, it won’t be around for the next people.”

Her favorite activity is riding her bicycle, “that’s my happy time, because riding makes me feel really, really free.”

Bubbles’ goal is to finish school to become a social worker. She is determined to help people like her, “young people who were damaged by how they grew up, and are homeless because they’re really lost and in a lot of pain. Not because there is anything wrong with them.”

Happy Move-in Day, Bubbles!

Future Social Worker Bubbles bubbles rrh
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